Oil And Gas Lease Name Index

Sputnik Petroleum says it is registered in Singapore, while its sister company Silver Wave Energy leads back to the small Russian republic of Kalmykia on the Caspian Sea. Only a small portion of the population, the owners of capital, are now benefitting from growth, i.e, they are getting much richer at the expense of the ecosphere that supports human and all other types of life. And, providing the justification for continuing down this path are cornucopians such as Julian Simon, Daniel Yergin, Peter Odell and now Roberto Aguilera (an admitted devotee of Julian Simon). What took accountants, engineers and geoscientists in an oil exploration enterprise days and weeks, now only takes minutes. 1. Data on production, consumption and demand for oil and natural gas from the recent past are either inaccurate or unreliable. If we are to continue finding new fields hidden deep inside the Earth, breakthroughs in computer processing power and data management are necessary. London, UK About Blog We believe you need the best, most accurate and timely data to make quality decisions, and you deserve a system that is transparent, easy-to-use, fast and flexible. Talk with many green technology advocates and you might get the impression that we have forever and a day to make the transition from an unsustainable society to a sustainable one.

In short the transition will be a relatively smooth one. Simple logic. First, economist Herman Daly has very compellingly explained why growth in developed nations has become “uneconomic.” The short version is this: Marginal costs are exceeding marginal benefits. The rather touching concern by the rich for the plight of the poor in a hypothetical no-growth or steady-state economy can easily be explained. Oil rig jobs can take a UK engineer to offshore areas across the globe, whilst drilling jobs are available in new and emerging hotspots, such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. China will remain the key incremental oil and gas market for the next decade. Despite coming under increasing criticism over the past few years, the oil and gas industry has continued to grow not only in size and power but also in influence on its related industries. You would figure that, with anything happening in the area, that oil prices would have sky-rocketed. This has had an effect on all offshore drilling and also oil prices.

Our proactive leasing effort continues to yield meaningful organic royalty production growth, biased toward oil production, which is supplemented by the lease bonuses we receive on the minerals. One other very interesting aspect of the “yield map” is that the point where this drastic change occurs in western Avoyelles Parish is aligned with the western edge of the “higher resistivity” TMS-East. Second, it is assumed that technology will appear and be deployed in time to prevent the worst problems that might result from fossil fuel depletion, climate change and a variety of other environmental and resource challenges. First, as I said, it is based on the notion that we have a comparatively long time to make this transition, usually claimed to be several decades. The most critical question is how much time we have to make the transition. Of course, they will tell you that one day far into the future, if we don’t make the transition, we will have serious problems.

Of course, the technological optimism stems from two centuries of unparalleled technical achievement. Two the possibilty of contact with alien life forms intellegence this can greatly affect future technology and human interaction. That approach would require immediate and drastic action to reduce our consumption of oil and to move our infrastructure quickly toward other forms of energy that do not deplete. Think of the amount of energy we would require for atmospheric carbon dioxide collectors on the scale needed to actually reduce carbon dioxide levels even if we seriously curtail emissions. Even if they regard the risk of a nearby oil peak as small, they cannot absolutely know when peak will occur. But even with the discoveries about the effect of human activities on the climate–primarily through the burning of carbon entombed in the form of oil, natural gas, and coal–we as a species seem determined to continue on our current trajectory.

The primary focus is on corporations, and a series of recommendations are presented to assist corporations to manage the social aspects of their activities. They affect all of humanity and need to be addressed under a variety of economic and social systems. What the freedom lobby fails again to remember is that all of these 20th century systems depended heavily on burning vast quantities of fossil fuels. Has a grate tray for slow burning the logs and a hollow air jacket built within the wall of the firebox. The problems associated with fossil fuels are not limited to one ideology. Until recently, assistance was largely limited to military assets, like drones. Given that their entire approach is balanced on one assumption, namely, that we have decades, they must, of necessity, admit that a nearby oil peak would call for an entirely different approach. This concern is at the heart of the peak oil movement.