Natural Gas & Oil

Yudichak asked if the Heritage Park Program funding is being eliminated in FY 2013-14. Secretary Allan said the line item was proposed to be eliminated as it was in past budgets. The treatment begins with the bottom treatment zone or stage being perforated and treated. In particular, one of those issues is access across DCNR-owned land in some areas since there is a patchwork of private and DCNR landownership in the area. Secretary Allan said two private companies own the mineral rights in the area and not DCNR. Secretary Allan said DCNR has increased the number of private concessionaires to operate some facilities and activities to allow agency staff to focus on the management of the parks and forests and to better leverage its existing resources. Secretary Allan said there are many factors going into managing State Forests in a sustainable way. While addressing the backlog of of infrastructure needs in State Parks and Forests is important, Enhance Penn’s Woods and a portion of the revenue from new leasing with be a good step forward. Note: a portion of the Dirt and Gravel Road Program funding goes directly to DCNR and the remainder to county conservation districts to conduct road repairs and rebuilding.

Sen. Jake Corman (R-Centre), Majority Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, supported the Dirt and Gravel Road Program and urged that it be part of the Governor’s Transportation Funding Plan. Sen. Vogel then asked if Dirt and Gravel Road Funding should be included in the Governor’s Transportation Plan and Secretary Allan said they would be looking to increase the allocation for the program. Dirt and Gravel Road Program: Sen. Keystone Fund: Sen. Yudichak ask if there is any thought about taking funds away from the Keystone Recreation, Parks and Conservation Fund to use for other purposes in this budget cycle. Now when you look at 2014, okay, so and there should be certainly something. Human beings and oil have been in a closely knit relationship for quite some time now. One of the companies asked DCNR some time ago about issues related to drilling in the area, but DCNR asked them to hold off on plans for drilling until issues could be examined in more detail.

Explore this section to learn more about oil and natural gas, how they are produced and how they become the products you count on. The four remaining members cannot be representatives of the gas, oil or coal industry. Faced with unique challenges that vary between upstream, midstream, and downstream applications, the industry as a whole requires industrial solutions that can perform in the most severe climates while maintaining North American and global environmental certifications. But once again, DEP has taken a budget hit which requires the agency to lose another 66 positions bringing the total of positions lost since FY 2002-03 to 548 or 17 percent of its staff. DEP anticipated finalizing proposed language at the November 15 Oil and Gas Board meeting and then send it to the Environmental Quality Board on December 18 for their consideration. Should DEP really be spending money and staff time on alternative energy and energy efficiency programs when it lacks funds to restore the water quality in our rivers and streams?

Everyone in the country uses wood at one time or another and so, wood it is! 12 million in funding is now in one place so it can be managed more efficiently. One analysis found that only about one-fifth of companies that use computers to control industrial machinery in the U.S. The majority Muslim but secular nation of 10 million people sandwiched between Iran and Russia forged close political and economic ties with the U.S. 26.5 million in grants, but there was almost three times as much applied for. The hydrocarbons will find their way around the cap-rock barrier unless there is some form of hydrocarbon trap that prevents further upward migration. John Wozniak (D-Cambria) asked how many shallow oil and gas wells, not Marcellus wells, are on State Forest land and if there have been any problems with them. The problems remain in Northern Iraq remain and Turkey remains keyed to invade the region and pacify the Kurdish population. Yudichak, Secretary Allan said the moratorium on drilling in state forest land where DCNR owns the mineral rights remains in effect.

Secretary Allan said the agency was looking into that issue for several types of fuels as well as looking at the potential of sharing fueling stations with other agencies. Blake asked if the debt service payment for the Growing Greener II bond issue taken from the Environmental Stewardship (Growing Greener) Fund will increase. Growing Greener II Debt Service: Sen. Shallow Oil & Gas Wells: Sen. The proposal undermines an infrastructure bank, an extension of the payroll tax holiday, oil and gas companies. Some states offer cash payments of 30% of installation costs instead of tax credit. Secretary Allan said DCNR reviews its fee structure each year, comparing the fees with other states and similar facilities. These nations, such as the United States and France, might be trading in luxuries, whereas an underdeveloped nation, such as Kenya, might be forced to trade only in essential capital goods. Secretary Allan said DCNR works closely with drilling companies on restoration plans with each drill site and access roads and they have seen a similar experience in opening areas for habitat. Secretary Allan said by law DCNR is prohibited from charging a per user or parking fee for State Parks. Baker asked about the status of leasing other state lands under Act 147 of last year.