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He also emphasised the important difference between sea power and land power. There is a difference between the mineral owner and land owner and one that is very important to the Landman. Briefly, this posited that the major geo-political prize is Eurasia (the “World Island”), i.e. the European, Asian and Middle Eastern land mass, which contained the bulk of the world’s population and its natural resources. With such a large proportion of the world’s oil and gas reserves found on the Eurasian land mass, this was easily accommodated within Mackinder’s theory. Remarkably, Mackinder’s theory has remained equally valid, if not more so, in the modern era – although key “pivot areas” for exercising control have evolved. Mackinder argued that control of the “pivot area“ of central Asia was the key to controlling Eurasia. He argued that control of the Eurasian landmass (Europe, Asia and the Middle East), which contained the bulk of the world’s population and natural resources, was the major geo-political prize.

The traditional “Great Game” obviously dates back to the geo-political rivalry between Great Britain and Russia for supremacy in the central Asian region during the nineteenth and early part of the last century. The geo-political confrontation between the US on one hand and China (in increasingly close cooperation with Russia) on the other, is evolving rapidly. Major producers: Saudi-Arabia, Russia, U.S.A, Iran and China. It is difficult to say when, if ever, this will be a major market due to the government regulations on hydrogen containment as well as the lack of product. With the vantage of hindsight, it is obvious that Amoco was well positioned to grasp the prize offered by a rapidly expanding gas market. The addition of Dome’s holdings would send Amoco straight to the top among North American natural gas producers. Will you be living in cold weather in the north or gravitating towards the southern hemisphere? He was ousted by President Franklin Roosevelt for “contumacy” (insubordination).

Landon was responding on national radio to a President Roosevelt “fireside chat” address which promised more economic stimulus (“pump prime”, in the headline) Landon warned that the depression would continue unless the FDR administration changed it’s policy. Hitler menaced Europe and the Great Depression lingered. In the wake of World War One, Mackinder argued the case for preventing a convergence of interests between Russia and new “pivot” states of Eastern Europe (Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland). As the world industrialised and became increasingly dependent on crude oil (and later, natural gas), energy resources became ever more integral to the Great Game. The period just before World War One, with the British Navy’s switch from coal to oil and the adoption of the automobile, set the stage for this. The most common process to generate electricity from coal includes pulverization and combustion in a furnace with a boiler. Sulfolane was developed and widely implemented in the Sulfinol Process introduced by Shell in 1964, which removed H2S, CO2 and COS from natural gas making it purer and widely available.

Sixty-five years later, it has become fashionable to protest the safety of the process. He lived in Marietta for a several years during his childhood. All the oil beneath the surface of the earth formed in more than 200 million years, yet in 200 years half of it has been consumed. Find out more about or login to access the full report. When times are good, shipping companies make a huge amount of cash and they have few options to put the extra cash to work, so they pay it out as dividends. All references and images are from the Marietta Daily Times July 7 and 8, 1938 editions unless otherwise noted. Landon was educated at the Marietta Academy. Alfred M. Landon was a former Kansas Governor and 1936 Republican Presidential candidate. 1,665,662 on June 30, 1938. Banks had a difficult time (many failed) in the early 1930’s. The Dime Savings Society had weathered that period and was starting to grow again.

Some ads in that time period actually claimed or implied that smoking was part of a healthy lifestyle. As time passed, energy (first crude oil then natural gas), became increasingly integral to this concept and its strategic significance cannot be overstated. Overall natural gas is an energy efficient fuel source that is environmentally friendly with monetary savings. I generally favor fracking as a good way to make the country energy independent but have been puzzled by the earthquake charges. You can still apply for numerous entry-level jobs and work your way up. Thinking there was not other way out, he severed his right hand with five blows of a hatchet. Cut off his own hand. In places where downward percolating groundwater containing dissolved calcite emerges from the rock above the cave and drips from the ceiling, the surface of the cave gradually changes. Funny thing here also is that Venezuelan exports amounted to almost 1.75 million barrels per day of crude to the United States so he’s potentially forcing the United States to look elsewhere for more stable supplies of crude oil.