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Investment In Oil & Gas With Savvy Royalties Ltd

We’re not saying — and we’ve said this publicly, we’re not seeing anything more than what we would call very nuanced differences in geology and mineralogy and rock properties including clay percentages and types of clay. And we’ve seen that all the way through all of those wells, including the Weyerhaeuser well, which is 13 months old now. Severance tax reduction: It’s 30 months or until the well pays out. First, there is a small surface rig that uses air to drill the shallowest part of the well. Carbon dioxide is pulled from the atmosphere to create oxygen through photosynthesis on large scales, for example, through big forests and on a small scale, for example, through phytoplankton which are tiny aquatic plants. For example, this lease is called the Zullig Project. Interestingly, when a 42 gallon barrel is refined and processed, the volume increases to 44 gallons, called a “processing gain”. 1988 – Ethanol begins to be added to gasoline for the purpose of reducing carbon monoxide emissions. These fuels are also burned to produce electrical energy, light and mechanical energy depending on the device and the purpose of use. Commercial banks are relatively small players in the energy markets.

The deals included a memorandum of understanding to jointly explore for energy resources, alongside agreements on basic education, agricultural cooperatives and infrastructure projects, Philippines government spokesman J. V. Arcena told CNN at the time. Great Britain, poor in mineral resources, imports petroleum, where West Germany, rich in mineral resources but not food, imports large amounts of fruits and vegetables. A common concern when purchasing a parcel of land is who owns the mineral rights? If Petronas still claims sole oil rights to oil and gas resources in Malaysia under the Petroleum Development Act 1974, the full argument has still yet to be tested in court and will be subject to legal challenge. The Borneo states claim territorial rights to its oil and gas resources within the state boundary under the Malaysia Agreement 1963, and is unlikely to compromise on anything less than 20% oil royalty. Furthermore, why should the Borneo state buy shares in Petronas when they are claiming ownership of the oil and gas resources within their territories? For Sabah, the state reserves is estimated to be RM6 billion, and forking out RM8.6bil to buy 1% equity in Petronas will make the state bankrupt.

If this offer had been taken up by Sabah, the state government would be heavily in debt by now. While it is easy to blame the previous government for current debts, it would be unfair if Sabah is made to suffer because of the corruption originating from the federal side. Mahathir’s argument that such a move may also give states such as Sabah and Sarawak a say in the running of Petronas is like telling a bad joke. For the Borneo states, to buy a tiny bit of the share of say 1%, they will have to fork out RM8.6 billion. Can Sabah and Sarawak come out with such an amount of money to buy 2-3% of Petronas shares? Obviously, one of the objectives is to try our wells, design our recipe on that acreage and see if we can turn that around. We probably see the highest resistivity quite frankly, across the southern part of the play in Louisiana, right along the southern part of the Mississippi-Louisiana border there.

Although the research that has been conducted has produced fairly positive result on the greenhouse gases produced by cows, more research must still be conducted to see the full extent of cow’s effects on the environment. He said under Petronas’ articles of association, only the prime minister has the power to appoint its chairman and the chairman must act according to the prime minister’s orders. The prime minister can decide. By Najib’s explanation, it is clear that Mahathir as prime minister can decide on the quantum of oil royalty to be given to Sabah and Sarawak, and Petronas has to obey his instruction. Well, I guess you can say that it’s been another ho hum week in the markets with nothing really to report. Say Sabah and Sarawak fall for Mahathir’s trap, how much would it cost the Borneo states? Meanwhile, the Borneo states are still struggling with poor infrastructure: roads, electricity and water. There are products that feature gas-saving features that really work.