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The Importance Of Helium And The Helium Shortage

Fifty years of energy dependence brought us oil embargos, two wars and inflation. The miserable year caps a grim decade, which has brought the oil and gas sector’s weighting in the S yet it is produced from uranium which is not renewable and is depleting. A similar gas pump globe in the same condition may or may not demand the same price at auction.

Steve Hanley Steve writes about the interface between technology and sustainability from his homes in Florida and Connecticut or anywhere else the Singularity may lead him. Moreover, energy companies are developing more reliable renewable energy technologies, and as technology advances, efficiency and capacity of renewable energy sources are expected to rise to cater for the increasing world’s energy demand. In the construction and automotive industry, it is predicted that high-grade pipes will be demanded by companies for the safe operation of machines and vehicles. The price of helium-4 purchased from the government, though still low, has experienced wide fluctuations over the years since 1960. This has made it difficult for companies which use the gas, to establish budgets for purchasing it. The main use of solar panels today is for a backup, which still makes it cost effective since one will be saving on the use electricity all the time. With today’s technology, it would be cost effective if most homes/buildings had a helix windmill and solar panels to at least offset peak hours of usage, and it would be easy enough to accomplish.