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Panhandle Oil And Gas Inc (PHX) Q4 2019 Earnings Call Transcript

Quigley also noted his agency is much more dependent on funding day to day operations from the Oil and Gas Fund than ever before, and not only to help keep State Parks open. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. While most companies have management of change procedures on their books, these procedures are not always followed. He said the chemicals used in the fracking fluids have been posted on the DEP Marcellus Shale webpage for all to see, although the precise proportion of the chemicals are trade secrets. Acting Secretary Quigley said 100 more Marcellus Shale wells are in advanced stages of development so far. Currently there are 250 wells on State Forest land of which three are active Marcellus Shale natural gas wells. DCNR is a land manager and has to deal with the impact on the State Forest system and its wildlife and other resources, while DEP is concerned with water quality and other impacts. Forest Service estimates that the 1,500 wells would require more than 5 billion gallons of water to unlock more than 68 million barrels of oil and more than 4.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. He did say there have been instances where wells were improperly constructed that resulted in the migration of natural gas into water supplies causing problems for property owners.

Sen. Ted Erickson (R-Delaware) said he was concerned about whether DEP had the capacity to do the permit reviews and the enforcement needed to properly oversee thousands of new natural gas wells. Once commercialized, FLNG liquefaction terminals will help develop undeveloped gas fields across the world. Nadeem Umar, an analyst at Hargreaves Landsdown, said the debt pile is “higher than we’d like” and the blow to the Guyana fields dashes hopes of a secure source of future income. Oil and Gas Fields and Pipelines of Utah: Large map showing oil and gas fields, reservoir rock types, oil and gas pipelines, and operators. On the other hand, representatives of several groups and two Committee members expressed concern about whether DEP had enough staff to adequately handle both gas well permitting and enforcement and wastewater issues. There are two main reasons why. He also said there are issues of consistency of enforcement and permitting between regions.

Rhoads said both DEP and EPA have told the industry there has not been a complaint about water contamination as a result of gas well fracking in Pennsylvania, noting the industry has over 60 years of experience with the technique. As a result of concerns with Total Dissolved Solids (primarily chlorides), drilling companies are moving to recycle more and more of their drilling wastewater Rhoads said. She also said PennEnvironment encourages wastewater reuse to the maximum extent and setting tougher standards for the discharge of Total Dissolved Solids. He was assisted by Scott Perry, Director of the Bureau of Oil and Gas Management, and Dana Aunkst, Director of the Bureau of Water Standards and Facility Regulation. Hines said the department is also working to improve natural gas well construction standards to protect the public from gas migration. Osage Energy Resources LLC, is a privately held oil and gas exploration and production company located in northeast Oklahoma. David Kohl, CWM Environmental, previewed wastewater treatment technology his company has produced to reduce the wastewater used in well development by 85 percent. Features news, analysis, the latest technology trends, oil and gas jobs.

Rendell gave up on the idea of a severance tax on natural gas for this year because he thought that might be part of the solution. The value of New York’s solution salt mining production is estimated at over 100 million dollars. 180 million from the Oil and Gas Fund to help balance the 2010-11 state budget. 143 million taken from the Fund to balance the 2008-09 budget. Sen. Andrew Dinniman (D-Chester) said DCNR should look for other innovative ways to fund its lease oversight activities because he felt support was not coming through the state General Fund. “Action to cut methane has broad support from across the political spectrum. He noted Bureau of Forestry staff has effectively been cut in half with the 2009-10 budget cuts. Hines said DEP was able to add 37 new staff during 2009 funded by increases in drilling permit fees for inspection and drilling permit review. Sen. Lisa Baker (R-Luzerne) asked if county conservation districts or staff from the Department of Environmental Protection could help with overseeing gas well leases.

Sen. Baker also asked DEP to look at certifying the operators of drilling wastewater treatment plants like they are for municipal wastewater plants. Fee increases will also be proposed shortly to help fund wastewater treatment and water quality permit reviews and enforcement. Elder Vogel (R-Beaver), Acting Secretary Quigley said he has enough funding from the Oil and Gas Fund to keep State Parks open, with reduced services, for this fiscal year. Press releases released by the organisations for new oil and gas job opportunities is second but authentic platform for fining jobs. The minerals from which the nodules form may also derive from submarine volcanism, or may be released during physical and biochemical processes and reactions that occur near the water sediment interface during and after deposition of the sediments. At the same time, citizens have a right to expect that their natural resources and communities are being respected, that the gas is produced safely, and that our land and water resources are protected. For copies of testimony and comments as well as a video of the entire hearing, visit the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee webpage. Also visit DEP’s Marcellus Shale webpage for more background information. Quigley said he anticipates going out for a third round of Marcellus Shale leases in the middle of next year once the second round is completed.